Flashing, Unlocking and Servicing   top
CDMA service tool by Infinity-Box Team has been developed after long research and understanding of CDMA system
With the launch of this tool we can guarante our customers that we will be the market leaders in CDMA phone solutions.

The main aim or this software is to offer easy way to unlock different kind of CDMA models (RUIM and non-RUIM based).
Tired to run special software for each model and select required file each time ? If you need easy solution - this software is for you.

Supported brands: Mobile phones and Modems   top
Alcatel, Haier, Huawei, LG, ZTE, Samsung, Micromax, Unicare, Ping, Reliance, Anydata, MTS, BSNL, Olive, Lava, Sungil-Telecom, Vodafone

Package content   top
- protection smart-card with USB smart-card reader (different colors available but all has exactly the same functionality)

Smart-Card Dongle Smart-Card Dongle

- support area access to download software, updates, bug-fixes, flash files, manuals, drivers, pinouts etc.
- cables and pinouts desctription for all supported models
- support via e-mail
- support forum access
- free Online Service account
- you can download from support area detailed cables and pinouts desctription for all supported models
- no any hardware boxes or cables included
- you can use your existing boxes/interfaces and cables with this software:
   - plain COM port cables
   - any kind of USB-RS232 converter: Prolific, FT232 and any other
   - unibox with RJ45 cables in VCP mode f.e. Infinity-Box unibox etc.
   - unibox with RJ45 cables in D2XX mode with special software that create virtual COM port in system
   - any kind of Rx/Tx pinout detection devices
   - any other cables

Free Addons   top
Free addon for INQ models:
- INQ-Chat unlock code calculation by imei (Airtel)
- INQ-Mini unlock code calculation by imei (Airtel)

Free addon for BlackBerry models:
- unlock code calculation by imei (all models, operators, MEPs): 6230, 6720, 7100t, 7100v, 7100x, 7130c, 7130g, 7130v, 7230, 7290, 7730, 8700c, 8707v, 8800, 8830-World, 9000-Bold, 8300-Curve, 8310-Curve, 8520-Curve, 8900-Curve, 8100-Pearl, 8110-Pearl, 8210-Pearl, 8220-Pearl-Flip, 9500-Storm, 9530-Storm, 9630-Tour, 8520, 9700

Free addon for Pantech models:
- unlock code calculation by imei: C610, C630, C740-Matrix, C790-Alladin-Duo, C810-Duo, C820-Matrix-Pro, P2000-Breeze-II, C3, C520-Breez-I, C530-Slate, P2020-Ease, P5000, P6010, P7000-Impact, P7040-Link, P8000-Crossover, P9020-Pursuit, P9050-Laser, P9060-Pocket, P9070-Burst, PG-1400, PG-1900, PG-C300

How to buy Infinity CDMA-Tool   top
- Contact to nearest Reseller and buy Infinity CDMA-Tool Smart-Card Dongle
- Login to your Online Service account
- Activate Infinity CDMA-Tool for your Main Infinity-Box

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